Acasă, My Home

Acasă, My Home

Directed by Radu Ciorniciuc • 2020 • Romania

Filmed over four years, Radu Ciorniciuc’s profoundly empathetic and engaged documentary explores the true costs and rewards of a life lived off the grid. The Enaches – stern, anti-establishment patriarch Gică, wife Niculina, and their nine children – are a Roma family who have made their home for two decades in Văcărești, an abandoned wetland on the outskirts of bustling Bucharest. Ciorniciuc’s film traces how this modern-day Swiss Family Robinson are forced to change their ways when the wetland is designated a national park. Attentive both to the idyllic and the gruelling aspects of the Enaches’ lifestyle, and sensitive to the cultural clashes and political undercurrents that inform this strangely public family drama, former reporter Ciorniciuc creates a complex, compelling portrait of freedom on society’s untamed fringes.

Directed by Radu Ciorniciuc
Written by Radu Ciorniciuc and Lina Vdovîi
Cinematography by Mircea Topoleanu
Featuring: Vali Enache, Gică Enache, Niculina Nedelcu

In Romanian with English subtitles

Winner of the World Cinema - Documentary Award and the Sundance Film Festival, 2020

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Acasă, My Home