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Up Next in Adventures in Eastern Europe: a cult cinema playlist from Dan Bird

  • The White Bird Marked with Black

    Directed by Yuri Ilyenko • 1971 • USSR/Ukraine

    Yuri Ilyenko’s landmark film follows the Zvonars, a family of poor musicians, as personal and geopolitical crises collide across the course of the tumultuous 1940s. Set in the region of Bukovina, on the border between Ukraine and Romania, Ilyenko’s ...

  • The Long Farewell

    Directed by Kira Muratova • 1971 • USSR/Ukraine

    Ukrainian auteur Kira Muratova’s sophomore directorial effort, The Long Farewell was shelved by censors until 1987, then heralded as a lost masterpiece. This simple tale of maternal jealousy and filial rebellion is transformed by Muratova ...

  • Brief Encounters

    Directed by Kira Muratova • 1967 • USSR/Ukraine

    The debut feature from one of Russian-language cinema’s most fearless auteurs, Brief Encounters is a quietly devastating gem. Banned for twenty years and only rediscovered in the late ‘80s, this beautifully staged domestic drama uses flash...