And Then There Was Love...

And Then There Was Love...

Directed by Šimon Holý • 2022 • Czechia

One of the most striking new voices in Czech cinema, Šimon Holý returns with a touchingly comic take on female connection. Desperate for a way out of her loneliness, 60-something Kristýna (Pavla Tomicová) sets out for the Vysočina mountains to visit a fortune teller with her sceptical daughter Sára (Sára Venclovská) in tow. As the pair delve deeper into the world of esoterica, their bond is challenged and rejuvenated. Holý’s collaborative directorial approach, with scenes improvised by the cast, creates space for a refreshingly open-minded vision of modern womanhood to emerge.

Directed by Šimon Holý
Written by Šimon Holý, Pavla Tomicová, Sára Venclovská, Tereza Hofová
Cinematography by Jana Hojdová
Music by Šimon Holý
Starring: Pavla Tomicová, Sára Venclovská, Tereza Hofová

In Czech with English subtitles

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And Then There Was Love...


  • Director Šimon Holý introduces the film

    Writer and director Šimon Holý sits down with Klassiki to discuss his latest film, And Then There Was Love...: from its improvisational approach to dialogue to its commentary on female relationships and the complexities of modern love lives.