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Watch this video and more on Klassiki

Up Next in Eastern European Animation Showcase

  • ...And Plays Tricks

    Directed by Priit Pärn • 1978 • USSR/Estonia

    A celebration of the anarchic potential of animation, Estonian writer-director Priit Pärn throws the kitchen sink at this wildly inventive short. The “plot” involves a cast of grotesquely realised animal characters who are tormented by a shapeshifting...

  • Jirtdan

    Directed by Aghanaghi Akhundov and Yalchin Efendiyev • 1969 • USSR/Azerbaijan

    Produced at the start of the golden age of Azerbaijani animation, Akhundov and Efendiyev’s Jirtdan (meaning “small” or “dwarf”) is a magical little treat in which the titular tiny hero and his brothers must ou...

  • Money and Happiness

    Directed by Nikola Majdak Jr. and Ana Nedeljković • 2022 • Serbia

    A post-socialist update on the rich tradition of eastern European stop motion animation, Nikola Majdak Jr. and Ana Nedeljković’s Money and Happiness is a delightful, doleful takedown of capitalist credos. The workers of H...