Heavens Above

Heavens Above

Directed by Srdjan Dragojević • 2021 • Serbia

Cult director Srdjan Dragojević returns with this belligerent and typically Balkan black comedy of belief and disillusionment. Tracing the story of a single family across three stories that span 30 years, Heavens Above explores the notion of miracles in a post-socialist society that has lost faith in grand ideas. Unwanted haloes, holy mobile phones, and magic paintings populate Dragojević’s acidic vignettes, alongside his usual cast of larger-than-life misfits and charlatans. Set in an unnamed Balkan country, Dragojević’s vision of the conflict between socialism, capitalism, and religion serves as an allegory for the broader Eastern European experience of the last three decades.

Written and directed by Srdjan Dragojević
Cinematography by Dušan Joksimović
Music by Aleksandar Randjelović
Starring: Goran Navojec, Ksenija Marinković, Bojan Navojec, Nataša Marković

In Serbian with English subtitles

Winner of the Junior Jury Award at Locarno International Film Festival 2021

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Heavens Above