Hotel Pula

Hotel Pula

Directed by Andrej Korovljev • 2023 • Croatia

It is 1995, just after the end of the Bosnian War. Mahir (Ermin Bravo) is a 38-year-old refugee living with hundreds of other Bosnians in a hotel-turned-makeshift shelter. His monastic existence is upended when a local high school student named Una (Nika Grbelja) initiates a complicated romance with him – but their connection cannot withstand the ghosts of Mahir’s past and pull of Una’s future. Award-winning documentarian Andrej Korovljev recreates the resort town of his youth for this compelling drama about the possibility of redemption and the precious spark of human connection.

Directed by Andrej Korovljev
Written by Ivan Turković Krnjak
From the novel by Vladimir Stojsavljević
Cinematography by Stanko Herceg
Music by Dalibor Grubačević
Starring: Ermin Bravo, Nika Grbelja, Nika Ivančić

In Croatian with English subtitles

Hotel Pula