Kill Me Gently

Kill Me Gently

Directed by Boštjan Hladnik • 1979 • Slovenia/Yugoslavia

This riotous, disco-drenched take on the classic whodunnit tale from socialist Slovenia is a queer cult classic in waiting. A glamorous older woman known only as “Auntie” (Duša Počkaj) lives in a stylish seaside villa, where she passes the time translating crime stories and erotica, cruising around in her Porsche, and hosting dance parties with a bevy of younger men. When her niece Julija arrives with both husband David and lover Adam in tow, the free love vibes kick up another notch. That is, until the machine guns start firing, the corpses and plot twists start piling up, and the whole show descends into pulpy farce. Boštjan Hladnik’s high camp stylings and commentary on gender performance feel bracingly modern.

Directed by Boštjan Hladnik
Written by Franček Rudolf
Cinematography by Mile de Gleria
Music by Janez Gregorc
Starring: Duša Počkaj, Martina Urbanc, Igor Samobor

In Slovenian with English subtitles

Kill Me Gently