Directed by Emanuel Pârvu • 2021 • Romania

The sophomore directorial effort from renowned Romanian actor Emanuel Pârvu, Mikado is a taut family drama that recalls the high points of the country’s celebrated New Wave cinema. While visiting her boyfriend at a local oncology ward, teenager Magda (Ana Indricău) is moved to give one young patient an expensive bracelet gifted to her by her domineering father Cristi (Şerban Pavlu). Cristi’s belligerent reaction sets in motion a tragic string of events that draw out Pârvu’s interest in guilt and accountability, playing intimate family dynamics off against broader social questions. The result is a film that is formally minimalist but which poses profound moral questions. Pârvu’s deep experience as an actor is put to fine use as he teases richly subtle performances from his leads.

Directed by Emanuel Pârvu
Written by Emanuel Pârvu and Alexandru Popa
Cinematography by Silviu Stavilã
Starring: Şerban Pavlu, AnaIndricău, Crina Semciuc

In Romanian with English subtitles