My Thoughts Are Silent

My Thoughts Are Silent

Directed by Antonio Lukich • 2019 • Ukraine

Twenty-five-year-old Vadym (Andriy Lidahovskiy) is a sound recordist and musician dreaming of leaving Kyiv for distant Canada. He seems to have found his route out of Ukraine when he is tasked with capturing the call of a rare duck native to the Carpathians. Unfortunately for Vadym, his overbearing taxi driver mother (Irma Vitovskaya) is along for the ride. Antonio Lukich’s feature debut is an engagingly quirky road movie with a tragicomic eye for human foibles and a bubbling electronic score that travels to the borderlands between the human and the animal, the logical and the irrational.

Directed by Antonio Lukich
Written by Valeriia Kalchenko and Antonio Lukich
Cinematography by Ilya Egorov
Starring: Andriy Lidahovskiy, Irma Vitovskaya, Iryna Verenych-Ostrovska

In Ukrainian with English subtitles

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My Thoughts Are Silent


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