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Watch this video and more on Klassiki

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  • Qirim

    Directed by Kateryna Khramtsova • 2023 • Ukraine

    Kateryna Khramtsova’s documentary short Qirim – the native Tatar name for Crimea – is a portrait of Antonina Romanova: a non-binary performance artist turned mortar technician in the Ukrainian army. Incorporating animation and split-scree...

  • Aralkum

    Directed by Daniel Asadi Faezi and Mila Zhluktenko • 2022 • Uzbekistan

    The fate of the Aral Sea, which spans the Uzbek-Kazakh border, is one of the twentieth century’s greatest environmental disasters. Ravaged by Soviet industrial policy, this once abundant inland ocean has long since become the...

  • Comrade Policeman

    Directed by Assel Aushakimova • 2021 • Kazakhstan

    Assel Aushakimova (Welcome to the USA) shows why she is one of the most acute observers of contemporary Kazakh society with this droll satirical short. When a local reporter from state television is sent to capture a PR stunt from the Ka...