Silent Sun of Russia

Silent Sun of Russia

Directed by Sybilla Tuxen • 2023 • Russia/Denmark

Danish documentarian Sybilla Tuxen’s intimate and expansive portrait of youth on the edge in modern Russia asks urgent questions about political agency and personal freedom. Following three young women – Alika, Alyona, and Katya – as they attempt to reconcile their rebellious beliefs with the dark reality of Russia’s descent into violent authoritarianism and imperial war, the film plays out in bedrooms and taxi cabs, illegal raves and urban hinterlands, as DIY culture and small-scale anarchism fill the void created by an indifferent and ugly establishment. Some of the protagonists flee to Georgia and Spain; others face an uncertain future within Russia. But the question remains: what responsibilities do these women bear towards a homeland that has turned its back on them?

Directed and cinematography by Sybilla Tuxen
Edited by Enis Saraçi

In Russian and Georgian with English subtitles

Silent Sun of Russia