Somewhere Over the Chemtrails

Somewhere Over the Chemtrails

Directed by Adam Koloman Rybanský • 2022 • Czechia

Broňa and Standa are volunteer firefighters and drinking buddies in a small Czech village where opportunities for heroism are few and far between. A traffic accident during the community’s Easter celebrations gives the duo a case to investigate – but also shines a light on the cracks in their friendship. Broňa falls prey to conspiracy theories, convinced that the accident was an act of Islamist terrorism, and Standa and his pregnant wife become the hapless voices of reason as the situation spirals out of control. From this simple set-up, debut director Adam Koloman Rybanský spins a witty, ironic parable of intolerance and masculinity on the rocks, with hints of the satirical edge of the Czech New Wave.

Directed by Adam Koloman Rybanský
Written by Adam Koloman Rybanský and Lukáš Csicsely
Cinematography by Matěj Piňos
Starring: Michal Isteník, Miroslav Krobot, Anna Polívková

In Czech with English subtitles

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Somewhere Over the Chemtrails