Symposium: The Other Queers

Symposium: The Other Queers

Available from 3 May.

Every year, the goEast Film Festival brings together an international array of speakers for a symposium dedicated to the most vital questions for Eastern European cinema. As part of our partnership with the Festival, we present this year’s edition, titled “The Other Queers: Cinematic Images of the Periphery of Europe”. Across four lectures and panel discussions, curators Jasmina Šepetavc and Yulia Serdyukova are joined by scholars, researchers, and filmmakers from across the region to explore the often neglected history of queer film in Eastern Europe, the turbulent present, and the utopian future potential of non-conformity represented by queer cinema.

Symposium: The Other Queers
  • Utopian Disidentifications: Pleasure, Critique, and the Future in Queer Art

    Utopian Disidentifications: Pleasure, Critique, and the Future in Queer Art

    SPEAKER: Katja Čičigoj

    In this lecture, Slovenian scholar Katja Čičigoj examines utopian efforts to create queer film images in Yugoslav and Slovenian cinema, comparing and contextualising these images in relation to t...

  • Memory, Resistance, and (In)Visibility

    Memory, Resistance, and (In)Visibility: Queer Cinema in the Region of the Former Yugoslavia

    SPEAKER: Anamarija Horvat

    In this lecture, Anamarija Horvat introduces us to the representation of queer people in cinema from the former Yugoslav states. Exploring themes of memory, resistance, and visi...

  • Queering the Yugoslav Fifties

    Queering the Yugoslav Fifties

    Speaker: Nebojša Jovanović

    In this lecture, Nebojša Jovanović draws on his long career exploring queer aspects of Yugoslav cinema, focusing on the films of the 1950s to complicate the notion of stable identities (whether straight or gay) in this under-examined corn...

  • “This world is not enough”: Queer Utopianism and Political Transformation

    “This world is not enough”: Queer Utopianism as a Tool of Political Transformation

    SPEAKERS: Ira Tantsiura, Ruthia Jenrbekova, Ton Melnyk
    MODERATOR: Yulia Serdyukova

    This panel discussion draws on the work of José Esteban Muñoz to explore the concept of “queer utopia”. Exploring the utopian pot...