Three Thousand Numbered Pieces

Three Thousand Numbered Pieces

Directed by Ádám Császi • 2022 • Hungary

An excoriating deconstruction of liberal pieties and artistic pretensions from one of Hungary’s most exciting young filmmaking voices, Three Thousand Numbered Pieces follows the cast and crew during rehearsals for a play based on the real-life experiences of Hungary’s Roma population ahead of a performance at Berlin’s prestigious Deutsches Theater. Drawing inspiration from a real play that was a runaway success in Budapest, Ádám Császi constructs a meta-fictional screen experience that makes Ruben Östlund look positively tame by comparison. Questions of exploitation, appropriation, and representation are thrown together in a hilariously potent mix as the Roma players turn against their white Hungarian director and the lines between performance and reality are endlessly redrawn.

Directed by Ádám Császi
Written by Ádám Császi and Balázs Lengyel
Cinematography by István Balázs Balázs
Music by Csaba Kalotás
Starring: Norbert Varga, Edmond Oláh, Franciska Farkas

In Hungarian with English subtitles

Three Thousand Numbered Pieces