Looking for Venera

Looking for Venera

Directed by Norika Sefa • 2021 • Kosovo

Transporting the classic coming-of-age tale to rural Kosovo, Norika Sefa’s Looking for Venera announced the emergence of another bold filmmaking talent from Europe’s youngest nation. Teenaged Venera (Kosovare Krasniqi) struggles against the constraints of her upbringing – from her cramped, multi-generational household to the patriarchal traditions that govern village life. When she meets the rebellious Dorina (Rozafa Celaj), Venera connects with her burgeoning sexuality and her desire for change. Combining naturalistic performances with intimate, observational camerawork and a strong sense of location, Sefa’s debut film is one of many female-directed Kosovan features to make an impact on the international scene in recent years.

Written and directed by Norika Sefa
Cinematography by Luis Armando Arteaga
Starring: Kosovare Krasniqi, Rozafa Celaj, Erjona Kakeli

In Albanian with English subtitles

Winner of the Tiger Award at Rotterdam International Film Festival 2021

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Looking for Venera


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